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Michelle & Medina Bark It Out

Kabul Small Animal Rescue Takes In Dogs & Cats As Their Guardians Flee Kabul & The Taliban

Charlotte Maxwell- Jones & her team have been doing the most amazing work these past few days in addition to their normal work load they have been in the streets of Kabul picking up the cats & dogs left behind as their families flee the country

Kabul Small Animal rescue is a charity which rescues & rehomes cats & dogs in Kabul

Their door is open to anyone needing to find a safe place for their cat or dog, which is the most amazing compassionate thing ever. As this awful takeover occurs hearing about the selfless actions a small group of people are doing for others is truly humbling

I asked Charlotte about the situation in Kabul right now, the rescues exit plans & whether or not they were getting external support.

This week we talk to David Hartshorne managing director of Cellmark Forensic Sciences. We chat to David about DNA Protected & the dog DNA database that might just reunite us with our stolen dogs.

Backed by Gloucestershire Constabulary with others to follow DNA Protected is an excellent tool with a strong role to play in reuniting stolen dogs with their guardians. A simple swab taken from a stolen dog sent to the doggy DNA database for analysis & matching could have your dog safely at home with you in days.

It gets a thumbs up from Michelle & a big bark out from Medina. A powerful piece of kit in our dog safety toolbox. We are normally a tough crowd to please, listen to David answer our questions to find out why Medina will be DNA Protected.

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DNA Protected is a service from leading forensic company Cellmark Forensic Services.  Having your dog’s profile on the Forensic Dog DNA Database will assist with crime prevention as well as helping the police to ensure your dog’s safe return should your family pet be stolen.  

Dog Desk Animal Action CIC is a not for profit dedicated to improving outcomes for vulnerable animals. The organisation has four core programmes, one being the reduction of the stray dog population in Europe & Asia to reduce street suffering & the burden on rescue organisations. Dog Desk Animal Action is trying to sterilise 2000 strays this year. For more information see here

Vets, Vocation & Venom

The Reverend Vet Jenny McKay joins us in the studio this week.

Jenny is a Veterinarian, Curate and Minister in Secular Employment, Environmentalist, Activist and Self Confessed Cat Junkie.  

Jenny & I caught up to chat about science & faith, how important our vets are to us, their emotional well being, how our behaviour impacts on them, social media interactions between vets & the public & more.

I found Jenny’s approach to her mission refreshing. Coming from a backgound where ministry was always stiff & starchy it was a pleasure to be in the company of someone so utterly present in the community. A very caring, friendly approachable lady & she likes cats too!

You can catch up with Jenny on social media, her twitter is here & Jenny is on facebook here

In Conversation With Nicky Campbell Sunday Times Best Selling Author Of One Of The Family

Nicky Campbell broadcaster, presenter, author, lover of dogs & all animals joins us on the launch of his Sunday Times bestseller One Of The Family.

Nicky & I talk about the dogs in his life, his love of all animals & how this has shaped his world. We talk about his parents & the loving environment he was brought up in. I get to know childhood dog Candy a little better & ask some questions about the effect adoption has on a persons life.

A thoroughly decent chap with a huge heart, a quick mind & a witty sense of humour. If you haven’t read One Of The Family please do, It’s an excellent read. You can find it here

A Visit To Nowzad

Today I zoomed over to Afghanistan to catch up with Nowzad founder ex marine Pen Farthing. Pen started the charity after rescuing a battle torn dog who had been forced to participate in dog fights arranged by Afghan police. In Pen’s words they “fell for each other” and when Pen received orders to pull out he couldn’t possibly leave the dog behind.

Charity Nowzad, named after that dog Pen rescued & the town they were protecting has devoted itself not just to reuniting soldiers with the dogs who kept them sane while on active duty, but caring for the stray dogs of Kabul & working donkeys in the area.

In this broadcast you will get to see the clinic, some of the dogs that have been rescued, Pen’s clinical team & the newly married Mrs Farthing.

You can find more information about Nowzad here

Dr Ruth Osborne On The Lives Of Vets & Dogs On The Streets Of Bucharest

Animal Spay Neuter International is a charity with dual registration in America & the UK. Founded by Nancy James after a holiday in Romania, Nancy was distressed by the volumes of dogs on the streets & the uncertain nature of their lives.

Nancy saw mass sterilisation as a solution to the street suffering she witnessed in conjunction with educational outreach. The only charity solely dedicated to the sterilisation of homeless dogs & dogs living in poverty ASNI have neutered a staggering 94,000 dogs since their inception.

Dog Desk Animal Action has chosen ASNI to be the recipient of their spay & neuter fund raising this year & is hoping to finance an extra 900 spays for them in 2022.

You can find Dog Desk Animal Action here

Animal Spay Neuter International can be found here