Dog Desk Book Club

Where Animal Folks & Books Meet

Dog Desk Book Club members choose an animal centric book each month to read alongside each other. We have a weekly zoom meet up for those of us able to do this on a Thursday from 7.30pm. It gives us a chance not just to talk about the book we are reading but say hello to each other & have a general catch up. We also have a forum where members can chat too with a thread dedicated to book club.

November’s book is Little Brown Dog by Paula S Owen. A novel based on a true story. It tells the tale of two women in Victorian London who hear about the plight of a little brown dog & seek justice. The story which unfolds is not dissimilar to events in very recent british history. High drama, court cases & tussles over a statue. Beautifully written by Paula, it will provoke emotion & challenge the mind.

December’s Book Club read is One of The Family written by broadcaster, presenter & animal advocate Nicky Campbell. Pictured here with the gorgeous Maxwell the book traces some challenging times in Nicky’s life. It not only reminds us what an incredible source of comfort a dog can be but that actually there are times when that comfort can actually save us from ourselves.

If you would like to join our book club please fill out the contact form below, be sure to leave us a message requesting book club membership. You will receive an invitation to our group on Bookclubz, a zoom invitation if you would ever like to catch up with us that way or you can chat to us in our forum. These are all optional invitations.