Dog Desk Animal Awards 2021

We are so excited to be hosting our first ever awards event which pays homage to some wonderful organisations, campaigns & people at the coalface of animal welfare, animal related business who provide us with innovative products or services & the vegan who has inspired us to be the best we can.

All candidates have been nominated & voted for by the public.

The ultimate award of the year comes in the form of Dog Desk Animal Award for Unsung Hero. Each year we notice an animal advocate beavering away behind the scenes, quietly going above & beyond for animals. They may be raising awareness, doing something practical like fundraising or donating a skill for free to help vulnerable animals. They do not work under the public eye, they have no expection of public thanks or glory. The recepient of this award is chosen by Dog Desk Radio. This years recipent will be our first unsung hero ever.

Nominees 2021

Animal Welfare Organisation Of The Year

Outstanding Service To Animal Welfare

Dr Aurelian Stefan       
Sasha Bennett            
Dr Daniel Allen          
Peter Egan    

Animal Campaigner Of The Year

Dr Daniel Allen  
Dominic Dyer
Peter Egan
Justice For Reggie

Animal Related Business

Conservation K9 Consultancy
Dog Training For Essex & Suffolk
Dog Portraits By Oscar Jetson
Yora Pet Foods

Animal Related Podcast Or Other Audio Show

One Of The Family Nicky Campbell
Talking Dogs Graeme Hall
Sexier Than A squirrel Absolute Dogs
Dog Cast Radio Julie Hill

Inspirational Vegan Of The Year

Peter Egan
Sasha Bennett
Jill Robinson 


We are not charging a ticket fee to the awards because we are aware that doing so may prohibit some people from attending the evening. But we are asking those that can to make a donation to our fundraising efforts. We are raising funds for Dog Desk Animal Action CIC, a not for profit organisation working to improve outcomes for vulnerable dogs. They are raising funds to sterilise 2000 stray dogs in Europe & Asia. Spay & neuter is the most powerful tool we have in reducing street suffering. One mating & all the puppies over a six year period have the potential to produce 60,000 more stray dogs.

If you would like to know more about the spay & neuter programme you can read about it here

If you would like information regarding the organisations Dog Desk Animal Action work with & their selection process please email here


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Terms & Conditions

By nominating & voting you confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
The organiser of these awards is Dog Desk Animal Action CIC   
Nominators & voters must be over the age of 18.
Directors of Dog Desk Animal Action CIC are excluded from voting.
Votes can only be accepted for individuals or orgs that were nominated before 11th April.
If you send votes for un-nominated people or orgs they will not be counted.
In the event of a tie, nominees will be put forward to the public to vote.
One entry per person, multiple entries will not be counted
No purchase is necessary to vote.
The length of voting is specified on the Dog Desk Radio Animal Awards page. This may be subject to change at the discretion of Dog Desk Animal Action CIC directors.
The results are embargoed until our awards ceremony takes place.
Nominees reserve the right to withdraw. Withdrawal should be made to Dog Desk Radio or Dog Desk Animal Action CIC. Please note that social media posts & other such marketing will not be changed to reflect withdrawal retrospectively but such promotions will reflect the change from the day of withdrawal.
If a winner fails to respond to notifications from us after 14 days the nominee with most votes will take the winners place.
Dog Desk Animal Action CIC takes no responsibility for digital failures of any kind.
Dog Desk Animal Action CIC takes no responsibility for spoiled or undelivered votes.
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