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Seven broadcasts with a focus on vegan life

Join us soon for seven special broadcasts that focus on vegan life.

Why Vegan?

What’s all the fuss about. What exactly is vegan, a diet, a social justice movement, a lifestyle choice, a necessity to protect our precious planet or something else?

Environmental Impacts

How does what we eat affect our environment. Why exactly is everyone banging on about deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions & biodiversity loss?

Animal Suffering

Do animals that we eat really suffer? Aren’t there laws that protect them & surely they are killed humanely.


If I were to “go vegan” wouldn’t I get ill. Don’t I need animal products to stay healthy. Where will I get my iron & protein from. Surely being a vegetarian is enough. If I “went vegan” where would I get my cheese from?

Where to shop & what to buy

I thought vegans ate rabbit food or meals that were textureless & tasted like cardboard. And isn’t it expensive, how would I afford it? Would I need a ton of fancy ingredients that were hard to find in supermarkets. Would I have to make everything from scratch?


I wouldn’t have a clue how to put together a vegan meal, where do I go for inspiration. Can I tweak some of the meals I already cook to make them vegan. If I fed vegan food to my guests would they hate my food.


I really don’t like all the arguing I see on social media between vegans & non vegans I couldn’t cope with that. My family won’t be supportive of my vegan choices, what should I do. I will get teased at work for sure. Is there any support out there for people like me.

The broadcasts will be available from 7th November on a weekly basis on Dog Desk Radio

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